Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Winning (at least in one way)

Guys, I deserve a medal!

I put away all of the laundry!

don't let the cuteness fool you. two seconds before this he was screaming and bashing me in the head with it (ironic!)
Yup, I really did it. After 4 long weeks of washing and drying and folding and placing neat little proud stacks of clean clothes all around the house I finally took that last step... the one I hate, for some strange reason. (some would argue this is the easiest part of doing laundry.. and to them I say, come over any time, you're welcome to put away mine.)

Turns out that four weeks is the capacity for me trying to expertly grab that one piece of clothing without messing up the whole stack... stepping over piles of clean clothes on the floor (yes, there were stacks on my floor... hey, they made it to the closet... just not in drawers.) Picking up the kids clothes from the hallway and refolding them to put back in the basket (since they used it as a space ship and assumed that all of those folded items must be dirty.)

It took over an hour to go room to room and painfully place things in their.. place. It is weird that I love organization but hate this task. (childhood trauma, maybe? it's ok to judge and wonder what's wrong with me. I do it to myself all the time.) There is so much more space in my house now, ya'll! Like, I can see counter tops. It's pretty cool. Maybe now I can start cooking again...

Maybe I'll even move on to making that meal plan/grocery list I've been putting off for weeks... (another task I loathe, but realize it's pretty silly to avoid because it takes no more than 20 minutes and saves me an entire week of wondering what on Earth do I make for dinner and why do I keep ordering pizza even though it makes me sick every time?)

Then again.. I already did the whole, putting away the laundry, thing... let's not get too crazy and check off the entire to do list. I'm not Wonder Woman, after all... and my littles are screaming at each other in the bath right now, and arguing over who has the better bath toy. So I'll have my hands full in a second, wringing little necks and shouting parenting. See you soon!


  1. Ugh. I HATE meal planning. I usually do pretty well with it for a week or two then it all goes to hell. I need to start playing the lottery so that I can hire a personal chef. :)

    1. Same here! ohhhh, a personal chef would be divine!