Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Project Life: May

Guess what I have in store for you! That's right, you observant human being. Project Life pages! These are from May. Now, I know what you might be thinking.. May pages? Does she realize we are in July now?.. To which I say, yes! But these are the ones I have done and photographed so these are the ones ya get! Some of you may say.. but what about June? And I answer, back off yo, I can't handle all of this pressure! 

The month of June was sitting on my desk but then I printed out my tiny photos a little too teeny so I missed that window of creative opportunity. (the time between mid-day nap for the little and a movie for the 6yr old. what exactly is the longest Disney movie, and how have I not googled that yet? *goes to google* Fantasia. *goes to Netflix* ok I now have 124 minutes) and then I started to get down to business with my teeny tiny photos but my Paper Camellia August box arrived.. and I immediately swept PL aside (very dramatically.. like in the movies when a man clears off his desk frantically to *huhhem* get down to business.)

.. and now I'm in the middle of five of those pages and I don't really know why I'm explaining this to you because I'm sure you don't really care and also how dare you for judging me being behind on project life when I am miss "caught up on project life." what kind of role model does she think she is? And what about those me series pages she's supposed to share each month... haven't seen THOSE in awhile, you scoff. and I say I have them! I swear! I've just been too lazy to share! and also you probably stopped reading awhile ago and if you haven't you're pretty sure I've officially lost it but then you're thinking that you think that often when you read my scrappy life and maybe this poor thing should get some help. this chick is nuts.... and to that I say.... please hold, I have to find the second longest movie because apparently the first 20 min of Fantasia is some old dude talking to the camera about feelings. (way to go, Walt.) ...(it's Cars, by the way. You're welcome.)

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  1. Fun and way cool!! You are good at this and it does NOT matter that you are behind - you are doing a wonderful thing!!!