Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Me Series: June/May/April

Remember when I said I was totes caught up on my Me Series pages? Well, here you have them! Three months that I've had done, just waiting in the wings to share. (Totes sharing before I am actually behind.. I have yet to do July's and it will be a small miracle if it actually happens. Hey, 6 out of 7 isn't bad.) Still loving the freedom I have when making these pages and the time capsule feeling...

Broke into some AC papers from my stash and layered the goodness for this one. (have I mentioned how much I love American Crafts and Crate Paper?)

If you want to see more Me Series pages (then I love you! you're my favorite!) click here. and here. and here.

In other news... summer is still kicking my booty. I feel like I have to do all of the things, right this second, every single day.. but then, there's the pool, and sunshine, and a daughter who begs and begs to enjoy both. so we do that.. and then I am behind.. but tan. so yay for stress... and wrinkles.. and feeling like you're coming up short... but! Can't stop won't stop patting myself on the back because I made it this far into summer without counting how many days are left. (there are 29. that seems doable acceptable.) (go ahead and nominate me for Mother of the Year. hehe) So that's me!


  1. I love these layouts oh so much! Bright and colorful, just like you :)

  2. WONDERFUL and you are so awesome to be catching these glimpses of yourself - you will gain a greayer sense of self from doing and looking at these pages!!! I think you ROCK!!