Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Shenanigans

It was a hoppy Easter Sunday around here. The holiday was just what I'm used to now that we don't live near family... slow and lazy... full of movies, too much sugar, and kids going bonkers from too much sugar. oops. :) 

Here are some photos from our festivities. As the youngest Dez was handed down the broken ears.. but he didn't seem to mind being a floppy bunny.

Dying eggs was serious business. If those brows could talk they would say.. "I am super intense, and look like an old man even though I am only two. Thank you for noticing, it's ok to be jealous." He was really focused on using the tool.

We made some pretty cool eggs on accident. Love that part of Easter... so much creativity!

This guy...

The bunny nailed it with these shoes for our rainbow lover. She freaked! & even slept in them..

Watching a movie. Dez was a fan...

Oh! And I matched the occasion with my egg-dye-like colored hair. Blue you guys. BLUE! How did I forget to tell you that? I feel kinda like a robins egg (the candy, not the actual bird egg).. but hey, they are delicious so I'll take it... I hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. What cute fun photos. Love the hair!

  2. You have so much spunk and your family is AWESOME!! So fun to see your Easter celebrating!! Happy Easter to you and I hope you realize how FANTASTIC you are!!!