Monday, April 20, 2015


dude. dude. DUDE.

I have totally derailed the blogging train. I swear I have lots of projects to share with ya'll.. my desk is currently covered in scrap crap and powdered donuts. I've just been really struggling with the sharing part. I promise to make an effort to be better. (Right now you're thinking.. who cares? I didn't even notice! I'm not sure I even want to read this silly little blog.) --to which I respond, how dare you... ;) 

Actually I don't know why I'm pointing out my failure in this department (Actually, I do know. Pointing out my own failures is my jam.) It's just that I have a goal of posting at least 10 times a month and it's just not happening... and this silly little, dude I suck, post is my way of holding myself accountable to making the time to take pics of my stuff and post it already. So, it's on the list....

along with making a meal plan
and a grocery list
and doing the laundry
going to Michaels to replace the white thread Dez unfurled entirely
sneaking off to Target (don't tell Hottie)
watching all of the Housewives
shopping for new skates
showering (probably)
checking Instagram
walking the dog
crowbarring in a work out
silently judging the internet
wiping butts
poppin' tags
(are you still there?)
The point is, dude, I'm super busy..
the struggle is real, but I will do better!

I mean, to my credit, this is pretty distracting...


  1. No judgement here! I wanted to post 4x a month and I can't even do that! I love that shirt. And I love reading your blog, even if it's only sporadically.

    1. Love your blog too. :) We have to just keep on doing our best!

  2. I love your honesty and your candor - if only every blogger could be real like you then I would follow them all!! But I don't because that would be TOO many blogs to follow!! But I love your blog and I will always make time for it regardless of how often you post!! Happy day to you and yes DUDE he is cute!!!