Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Me Series: March

Today I want to share my March Me page with ya'll. Here we are at the end of April and I haven't even had a moment to sit down and think about this month, or me... well, that's not true. I've been thinking about "me" a ton. Too much, I would argue.

I've been thinking about "me" balancing a hectic derby schedule, stay at home Mom-ing, working on "me" in counseling, wifey-ing, keeping things together, trying to make some money here and there, etc. 

Do you ever feel like you're succeeding at one or two things but failing at the rest of life? I'm consumed with guilt because I failed to send a bday gift to my niece (bday was on the 15th. yikes!).. and I'm failing to send something special to my sister for her bday as I originally planned (2 days from now. I suck.).. and Aidan is moving out like, all of the sudden, like this weekend... so I feel like I'm failing at helping him through that or spending time with him.. the school year is almost up, less than 30 days (yikes again!!) and although I love my kids the idea of them all home 100% of the time kinda freaks me OUT! So with those feelings I kinda feel like I'm failing at Mom-ing too... not to mention the wife-ing. I've spent the last month hyper focused on derby and travel and fixing things with myself mentally.. and Hottie just fills in the gaps without a word of frustration. It feels like it's been all about me, me, me.. yet, I can't get any me time... and I can't seem to get me together for longer than a day...

I mean...

until today my house was a total disaster. Confession: I hadn't cleaned toilets in like a month, if I'm being generous. I had to finally scrub every inch.

AND other than my Paper Camellia projects, I haven't scrapped in 2 weeks.

AND I keep crossing things off of the to-do list that I totally didn't do yet because I just can't stand seeing a long to do list anymore.

Anyway. That is all very silly and random, but it was on my mind.. and it's very "me".. so maybe I'll put it all onto the April layout along with how nuts I am... here's March!


  1. All those wood veneer numbers are so AWESOME and I really love the way you used them to highlight some things that you are feeling about March and you!! So honest and candid and I love it - be nice to yourself - you can only do so much and every day that you keep trying is a success!! You rock and it sounds like your Hottie rocks too!! Thank him and just keep going!!! Hugs to you and have a great night!!!

  2. I love this and I love your "me" posts they make me feel less alone hehehe!