Friday, November 7, 2014

Project Life Sneaky Peekys

Last week I carved out some time to catch up on the 10 weeks of Project Life that I was "behind" on. It was so much fun. I love doing week after week in one or two sittings. I haven't had the time (or good light) to photograph full spreads but I have a couple of sneaks to share today. I'll show you the rest soon. :).. although probably not all ten weeks worth, don't wan to bore you!

I think the coolest thing about catching up with my pages was when I reached the point of our move. A huge smile crossed my face when I realized from here on out all of these pages, our memories, special moments, every day will be in this house. No more sad, crappy rental. No more limbo. No more rodents (please, baby Jesus, no more anything like that.) A sense of calm relief washed over me.  Happiness and gratitude as I flipped through the recent pages.. have I said how much I love this project? 

1 comment:

  1. That's a compelling reason to do project life I'd say! May you have wonderful memories and no rodents! :)