Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Derby: I'm In Love

I am officially back in love with roller derby. Like deep, romanic, obsessive, can't get enough, love. For a few months there I was kinda losing my crush... I began to dread practices, pick myself apart. The joy was gone. It just wasn't fun anymore (hello depression, stop messing with my roller derby high). However, once I ramped up practices this month things started to turn back around. I was enjoying myself again. I was feeling good. I was getting better and stronger and growing confident again.

Last night we had our first bout of the new season, a just-for-fun exhibition charity bout. We choose different names than our usuals (Me: Fat Amy. Number: ACA.)(aca-genius)... For this annual Black & Blue we split the league in two and play against each other... this time we even played derby with dudes (or as I like to say: merby)(male derby).

It. Was. A. BLAST. Sometimes I can't believe how fun this sport is. It's challenging, and exhilarating, and overwhelming... but more than anything else it's just plain fun. I mean, where else can you wear undies on the outside of your pants, do crazy makeup, and show of your hot pink mermaid hair in two big piggie tails? (especially as a 32 year old mother of four). I had fun during every second of last night.

... and guess what??

The other team voted me MVP Blocker!!!!!!!!!!
(aca-believe it!)

Seriously feels so amazing. And I'm sure there's a great pic of my face too when the announcer said, "and the MVP blocker for the BLUE team goes to.... FAT AMY!"--- he's making eye contact with me and I'm like oh yeah, cool, good for Fat Amy.... OH! THAT'S ME, I'M FAT AMY! ME?!... I skate forward in shock and notice a camera flashing two feet away. I thought I had a really good game, felt "on" the entire time, but I never expected to win MVP! There is something about having your competitors hand you that trophy that makes it feel so incredibly wonderful. Validation for hard work, an effective big butt, and fighting to find the joy again.

Here's me with our team trophy. (no, we didn't drink out of it. tempting though.)

... and here was my bout makeup... (SO much fun!)

I'll share photos of the action if I get them soon. Until then, I encourage you to bring out your inner "Fat Amy." :)


  1. I am so excited for you - you look like a roller derby queen!! I am so impressed to see that you do this and love it!! Way to go - awesome for you!!

  2. Congratulations. My niece used to do roller derby and she loved it.