Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Robots and Rockets Nursery

So we're building this new house (which I can't WAIT to move into) and I've been starting to make plans for what I want each room to look like. And I realized that I never even shared Dezmond's nursery from our last house with you!.. even though I totally promised I would! oops. sorry. glad no one noticed! ;) 

It was my favorite room in the house. Maybe because I was never able to plan a one for my other babies. Or because I was able to make any decision for it that I wanted. It wasn't perfect, and I even had a couple of more plans that were moved from the back-burner to the never-happening burner once we realized we were moving. Even so, I still loved this room. We made some fun memories in it that first year of Dez's life. I'm glad I have some photos and can (finally. oops.) share… even though the quality of them is lacking. 

So here it is, better late than never…
Dezmond's Robots and Rockets nursery

I used some of my favorite scrapbook papers throughout the room, vintage toys, diy curtains and mobile….

I painted this mural on the wall and was happy when I heard from our realtor that the new owners planned on keeping it. It was a labor of love. There was many a morning when I walked in to find Dez staring at the bright colors. The only thing I'd change about this view is the crib. A plain grey or white one would look much better, with a nice dark rug in that area. But this crib was free and a hand-me-down from Evareaux so that won out in the end.

Actually, come to think of it, I did this whole room on the cheap. I made just about everything in there aside from the furniture and a few decor pieces…. I had grand plans of turning that book case into a rocket like this one… and painting the dresser this really shiny cobalt blue color. That would have looked so cool. I was also going to paint a few stars on the ceiling and some robots near the door.

The prints were my big splurge. (and I was going to link to them but it says they are no longer available!) I just LOVED the way they looked lined up perfectly in shiny silver frames. When I saw them online early in the dreaming of nurseries days they were what spurred me onto choosing this theme. I knew I had to have them.. and the quality is stellar. I also really like these prints that are on Etsy now. They didn't have them two years ago when I was doing this room. I love the vintage/mature feel of them juxtaposed in a nursery.

Here's a couple of little paintings, blocks, and the cutest robot ever. I made them all.

So theres the room. I wish I could go in and take some detailed shots of the toys and little bits around the room that make it truly special. Sadly all of these things are in boxes right now. So this is the best I can do…

Here's a link to my Baby Boy Ideas board on Pinterest. I used it a lot for planning this room. I was thinking about going another direction for the new house and a more toddler-like room.. but now that I've seen these photos and remembered how much fun I had with each project I may be inspired again. Especially after looking at that board! SO many things that I never got around to!! Just think how cool I could make his next room! 

Although I left the curtains behind, and the mobile, and the mural (of course). So, maybe I will change things up. SO many possibilities, I just can't WAIT to be able to decorate again! This temporary stuff is for the birds. I need to put these pinteresting ideas into action!


  1. WOW - what an awesome room for a little guy - You are SO very clever in all that you do!! And so devoted to your families happiness!!

  2. OH my goodness it turned out sooo cute! Hope you get to do something just as fun in the new house!

  3. What an amazing room!!! Love the bright colors and fun designs! Gorgeous!