Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our House

"When are you going to move out of that dump you live in??", you ask. Well, in March we finally sold our Kentucky house. Sometime before that we made the leap and committed to building a home here. I remember putting this sticker on the plot of land we carefully chose. The nerves were outrageous. Such a leap of faith to do something like this and not know how or even really when things were going to work out. So many things had gone wrong for us.. It was hard for me to believe that everything would end up happily ever after.

Back then everything was just a dream… and seemed like a sort of ideal (NOT ideal in the way that we would have to extend our stay in the rental nightmare we live in now) solution since we just couldn't find a house in our area that had everything… or even close to everything we wanted. Building covers all the bases for us, ticks all of the boxes, and allows us to have something cool and positive out of the nightmare that has been moving here. Here's the blueprint (Note: not blue.).

I'll also never forget the day we first told the kids and went to show them the land. They were surprised and excited and wanted to move in immediately. Uh, yeah, me too… sadly we have to wait for walls and, you know, a foundation and stuff.

Here's a couple of phases of the project. I desperately want it to be done already, but will admit that it's pretty cool to see every step of the process… each week brings a new project completed.

We were there earlier this week and the siding and stone are up. There are some cabinets in there, dry wall and the primer is up, the countertops should go in too. It's starting to get really real. We're a month away from actually moving in and I can hardly believe it and hardly stand the wait at the same time. 

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the whole building a house thing. I'm going to let them percolate and swirl around in my brain until we actually move in. That way I can share our experience in entirety.. for anyone who might care to hear it. But I thought I'd share for now because we are so close, and also because this is a bright spot in some pretty dreary weeks for me lately. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very cool to see the process. That's SO exciting! Oh, and thanks for all your comments on my blog ;)

  2. What a beautiful house!!! Many blessings!!!

  3. oh fantastic, such a wonderful house!