Wednesday, August 20, 2014

End Of Summer

I had some grand plans for this summer. Mostly in the interest of getting out of the (nightmare of a rental) house, but also to keep busy and off of electronics, and to build memories with the kids. Yeah, it pretty much stopped there. My long list of things (mostly free) to do in our area has about 3 things checked off.

This has been a really tough summer (more on this later, I bet you can hardly wait).. instead of being hard on myself and feeling like a failure for not "doing enough" I'm going to allow myself to say I did enough. Also, I'm going to blame the weather because honestly there wasn't much of a push to go to the splash pad or water park when it was a pleasant 70 degrees (totally not complaining there. I've LOVED the mild weather this season.)… also, there's always next summer.

All that being said as I looked back and began to compile some photos of the things we did do I was surprised to find so many…. most of them simple and some of them even very lazy… but we are together and healthy and that's the most important thing...

Next summer I'll be the cool Mom and schlep my kids all over town in the interest of their entertainment. (maybe.) I won't yell as much or threaten to take their prized possessions away if they don't get a long. (is this possible?) I won't declare over and over that I can't wait for school to start. (who am I kidding.) I'll ship them off to summer camp. (yes! now there's an idea!)


  1. I am clinging to summer as long as possible. Since I was so HOT while pregnant I stayed inside all the time. I feel like I missed out! I haven't even had the chance to take Ruby to the pool yet, which makes me feel like a terrible mom because she loves it so much :[

  2. YES I would definitely declare that you did enough - look at the smiles in those pics and the togetherness also!! That is what counts - You did fine and this summer will be the summer you remember as being less go, go, go!!