Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does it Get Any Better?

I feel like it's been awhile since I posted anything scrap-related. So here is a layout I did before we left Cali...

"Does it get any better?"...

Just before this photo was snapped Ev handed me my Instax she knew there was going to be this beautiful, happy, smiling, best day ever, kind of moment between her and her Dad that just needed to be captured, instantly. I'm so glad I pointed and clicked (instead of yelling at her for touching my camera)hehe. Sometimes the everyday moments really are the best. Although we did have quite a good time together celebrating Nakiah's birthday last night too. Maybe I'm just into embracing every moment. :)

We are settling into life in Lexington and finding our footing in somewhat of a routine. The best thing about that is I have been finding a ton of time to scrap (seriously, is there anything better than that?) ...I will show you what I've been making very soon.

On a side has been made perfectly clear that it is in fact going to be hotter than blue blazes this summer (ugh) I HAVE to find some more hot weather prego clothes (dread). My one pair of shorts and 2 pairs of capris are just not going to cut it. Boo to that. Online shopping is even more dreadful when you are knocked up. Maybe I'll just stay in my house all summer long? Hottie can deliver Slurpees and Blizzards, right? ............just thinking out loud here.

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