Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guess What?

I am so excited. Thrilled.

I am at the 13/14 week point, which makes me due October 4. A Fall baby that will be born in a place that will actually feel and look like Fall. This will be new to me because both of my other babies were born in May. Ah! So exciting!

It was really difficult to wait to tell people because we are bubbling over with happiness. But it's important to me to get out of that scary phase where chances of something going wrong are so much higher. Finally over the last week or so we felt like we reached a point where we could tell our families and close friends. (also because I am showing, so no better time) And today I put this on facebook...

 Even though it makes all of the stress of moving even more compounded, I could not be happier about this little nugget. Aaaaand. I have been doing project life since February because I feel like between the move and this baby we are having a year worth recording. So now that the cat is out of the bag about the bun in the oven I can share my pages with you! Yay!


  1. congrats!! and what a cute lo to showcase it!!

  2. congrats, newborn, new home, new state!!! The layout is super cute!

  3. I'm super behind reading blogs!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! So happy for you!