Friday, January 6, 2012


While I don't support Charlie Sheen or find his problems amusing in any way there is one thing I can understand. Winning. During his break down not so long ago he answered a question in an interview by saying, "winning, duh." It's kind of a funny thought if applied to my own life. I want to be winning. everyday.

More often than not I find myself being really hard on me. Just recently I suffered a hard core sinus infection and for the first time ever, since living in California, serious allergies. Before long I began beating myself up. "This is not a good way to start the new year, sick in bed." I'd think. "I have so much to do and I am just laying here....""I can't believe I've called in sick to work, TWO days in a ROW! (I have never done that!)"..."It's the 4th and my Christmas decorations are still up."..."I can't believe I have skipped running, this marathon is going to be a disaster!" so on and so on. Then I though...."SNAP OUT OF IT! You are just really and go to the doctor and take care of yourself. THAT is one of your resolutions...and a great way to start the year. NOT taking down the Christmas stuff!" 

Then I remembered another one of my give myself a break. So I did. I snapped out of it. I gave myself two days off of work to go to the doctor and sleep and sleep and sleep some more. And then something miraculous happened....I snapped out of being so sick too (aka my medicine kicked in). 

Then I:
put away all of the Christmas stuff
arranged all of the regular home decor
re-organized my scrap crap
cleaned under the bed
cleaned out two closets
organized under the bathroom sink
cleaned out the fridge
did the dishes
cleaned the living room
made dinner (frozen pizza, but it still counts in my book)
did 2 loads of laundry
began to go through the kids' toys & clothes for donation


I was up since 3am to go to work and up until 1030pm doing all of this. And it felt so great.

So this is the way I wanted to start the new year....taking care of myself first and then making time for all of the tedious and not so fun projects on my to do list. Balance. Time for work, time for play. I want to win at life this year, in my own way. I want to strive to stop all of the negative talk (in my head...yes, I admit I am a crazy person. I blame my Mother. hehe). Because just when I think I'm not cutting it I turn right around and kick so much @$$. Seriously, winning. 

And now I get to spend the day with my girl....
making a big mess in the living room. ;)

Later I will go to my local scrapbook store where I can hopefully pick up the new Crate Paper Paper Heart line (A-may-ZING!). And then I will make time to scrap a bit and start to prepare for CHA. This whole weekend is a win...and it's only Friday!

...and don't worry I am not so crazy that I believe I have tigers blood in my veins...

oh, and I forgot to add that I just found out that you can stream the entire series of Felicity (One of my old most favorite shows in the world!) online with Netflix right now! I can't wait to revisit this series. It's been so long, it'll be like the first time! Scrapping and Felicity this weekend. done and done. winning again.

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