Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi. Hello.

Hi! Hello. How are you?

I feel like it's been for-eh-ver since I last posted. A lot of life-ing going on around here, ya know? So let me tell you a bit about what I'm up to in these here parts... in case you were wondering. ;)

Watching: Hell on Wheels on Netflix (Cullen Bohanan, I DO declare! *fans herself to stop from passing out.) & finales for everything. SYTYCD. AGT. ANW (that one's American Ninja Warrior.. I just threw in initials because it felt right.) & BB (Big Brother) winds up soon too. (too much TV! don't judge me!)

Eating: The most healthy foods on planet Earth, so help me baby Jesus. I could not be more healthy and conscious of what is going into my body if I tried! Well I am trying, super hard.

Doing: The Whole 30. one. day. at a time. (Day 11 here!)

Wanting: A really great pair of go-to jeans. Like ones that fit just perfectly and can go with a zillion outfits. and don't cause muffin top. and don't cost a small fortune (lets be real, if they aren't on a Target sale rack I'll never find them.) Oh! and a pair of kick @$$ boots. well, one in black and also in brown. (I probably won't buy any of these things. #frugalforlife)

Buying: Canvases and paints. (yes!) and all of the fruits and vegetables. literally. every single one of them. If you have scurvy you should come to my house, I could probably help you out.

Reading: The Rosie Effect. (sequel to The Rosie Project. one of the best books ever!) (I'm pretty worried about Don. He seems like he's getting himself into a lot of trouble.)(Note: I might be a little to invested in the characters of books I read.)

Making: Some projects outside of the scrapbook realm. (gasp. I have other abilities and passions! I forgot about that!)

Realizing: I totes met the guy who invented the compact disc when I was a kid. It's so random but it dawned on me today that it was possible and I did some internet-ing and found out it's true. He came to our classroom and held up the disc and explained that "this one disc will hold an entire album of music! a computer program! the possibilities are endless!" I remember taking home a disc and my stepdad tapping it on the counter, flipping it over and saying, "huh, I don't get it." (also I felt kinda old telling my 13 year old this... life before discs. I am a dinosaur.)

Planning: To decorate our house. finally! After almost a year of living here I can finally say I'm ready, and I want to do it like, all at once, because I have all of these ideas and they will be SO cool if I can just magically find all of the stuff I want and then have the money to pay for them! It seems totally realistic and doable! *slight sarcasm. 

So that's a little bit more than you probably cared about. Thanks for reading it, though!

So, lets talk Whole 30... wait. actually, I think it really deserves it's own post. Like, how and why even do I think 30 full days of deprivation is a good idea?? (PS-it's not really deprivation. I promise. Although, I am feeling very deprived of my Slurpees and Beer-ritas! *grumbles and feels sorry for self.) I'll be back soon to share all about it, since I'm pretttty sure I won't quit. *says with only a tiny bit of confidence.


  1. SO fun to hear what you have been up to and I totally understand because I really need to let you know that I won't be around in the bloggy world for the next 10 days - I am taking a much needed break - so except for already written and scheduled Design Team posts I will not be around and that includes commenting!! Please know that it is nothing personal!! But I am excited because when I come back I will be celebrating my 4 year Blogaversary with lots of giveaways all during October!! I did leave some details about that on my blog!! Hope the rest of your September is beautiful and that you keep happy!!! Hugs!!!

  2. Enjoy your break! Thanks for the warning. I would have wondered where you went!