Sunday, September 7, 2014

American Crafts August Gallery

These are my last two projects for American Crafts. They were on the AC blog last week but I wanted to share them with you here too...

The lines on this patterned paper inspired me to sew in alternating colors… I like the way it adds visual interest as well as texture.

and heres one about my hair… with just about everything in my stash thrown in…

PS. Maybe you already noticed, but I decided to go for the pink.

I wimped out a little and did the ombre instead of bleaching my entire head… but I've already made up my mind to do the whole thing next time… and even though there are about 10 colors I'd still like to try I think I might even stay pink for awhile. I'm loving how vibrant it's staying. 


  1. Looks gorgeous - your layouts and your hair!! Way to go!!

  2. I love all of the colors! I think you're smart doing the ombre...then you don't have to worry about roots, etc. Plus you have such gorgeous full hair - looks perfect the way you're doing. Love the layout!!! TFS.