Saturday, March 15, 2014

this is how i roll: 8x8 Edition

I've really been loving the 8x8 blown up Instagram look lately. Maybe I've said this before? Can't remember. But if you follow along you've probably noticed I've been using these a lot lately…

I'm enjoying 8x8 photos so much that I just picked up a new batch from Costco to keep it going. I'm a big fan of using one photo on layouts and an even bigger fan of Instagram edits so the two paired together, in a big statement size, is a big fat YES in my book. The photo quality might not be for everyone… they come out a bit grainy (most instas do when printed), and they lose a bit of the sharpness too since they're so big… but I gravitate towards the artsy look of them and feel like they will add something a little different to my albums.

Have you been playing around with any sizes lately?

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