Sunday, December 8, 2013


We're moving!!!! Finally. We haven't sold the house yet… but decided that it's important to be together and that it just makes sense to rip off the transition bandaid during Winter Break. It's officially happening now that Hottie has secured a place to live just minutes from his store. This means we'll be packed up and moved next week. Words can not express how relieved I am to have this on the horizon.  I can't believe what a wild ride this last couple of months of the year have been. It's felt like pure chaos, but I can finally breathe again. I'm so pleased to be putting our family back under one roof in time for the holidays. Sometimes that's all you need to make things feel right again. 

Now time to get busy…. lots to do before next week!

(and this is exactly how I feel...)

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  1. YAY!! For all of you!! I hope you get lots of help with the packing, that's never fun.