Sunday, December 15, 2013


So we are winding up to move (moving company packs up tomorrow and loads the truck Tuesday and then we're out of here Wednesday)… but there are certain traditions that I just can not part with, even given all that's going on and the proximity to Christmas. Some things we will do without… but some matter to me and I feel like these are the things that my kids will remember when they are grown and have families of their own… and most are pretty simple, actually.

Like how every single year without fail Hottie buries his entire body in the tree, gives the OK sign, and says the line, "little full, lotta sap."…

making Grandma's sugar cookie recipe & decorating them together, which is like an entire days process

decorating elaborate gingerbread houses

reading and watching each and every Christmas title in our vast collection

making lots of deliciously terrible for you treats together

drinking cocoa out of Christmas mugs with extra marshmallows

giggling at Buddy's elf antics

opening special Christmas Eve gifts (pjs. always pjs.)

visiting Santa

trimming the tree while Christmas Vacation plays in the background, each person hanging their own baby ornament and stocking

singing every single carol we can think of, sometimes at the top of our lungs

finding the perfect tree while wearing silly Santa hats

& we always watch the original Grinch movie on Christmas Eve….

Yes, these are the things I want to do this year, not matter what. Because traditions are important, and so is documenting them… even the silly little ones

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  1. Aw such a pretty layout with a pretty story. Good luck with your move!