Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let it Snow

I am not a California girl. Admittedly I did enjoy the endless sunshine the first few years I lived here. Not anymore. Now I really, really, REALLY, miss the seasons. The thing I miss most of all though, is the snow. Growing up in Montana we had no shortage of the white stuff. I have fond memories of playing with my sisters all bundled up. Sledding down this giant hill behind our house (and sometimes all the way into the street...oops, sorry for the ride little sis).

Most of the time it bums me out when I think about it. I wish my kids had the chance to get to know what it feels like to freeze their little fingers and noses to the core, get all dressed up and waddle around in a snowsuit like a giant penguin, make snow angels, peg their siblings with snowballs....or get their tongue stuck to a pole (ok, maybe not that last one...but you get my point.)

Although I remember all of those things in great detail from my childhood here is one I can't recall for the life of me...


Truth be told I do have a memory of skiing at a very young age. And I also remember falling down over and over and over. and I remember my bum hurting. bad. This may just be trick photography. ;) I had this weird moment when I found this picture because it is me. not falling down. in full control. doing it. who knew?....not me...

Maybe I will have to try it again one day soon. Then I can let my kids get a taste...but not of the yellow snow. We will have to teach them to stay away from that. hehe....(that is snow humor, for my California friends who don't know.) he

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