Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year-s Eve

Tonight should be a lot of fun. As soon as Hottie gets home from work we are headed to his Mom's house. There we will celebrate Christmas and then the New YEAR! I've been busy as a bee attempting to make yummy desserts (and failing miserably because I didn't take enough time to read and follow directions. Oh well).

I've also been put in charge of coming up with some ways to keep the kids busy (there will be 9 kids and 9 adults). So this is what I made...
 surprise bags for them to open each hour. They are filled with activities, or games, or treats...
 as you can see this project was an awesome stash buster. I just used whatever tickled my fancy to decorate plain lunch bags with giant numbers. They are sewn shut, so noooo peeking....

Ok, ok. I will tell you what is in some of them...
-balloons, hole punches, small funnel (to fill balloons with "confetti" to pop at midnight)
-pipe cleaners (to make 2012 glasses)
-stick on mustaches (to stick on and look hilariously awesome)
-glow in the dark animals (to hide in the yard after dark)
-ping pong balls (for a candy game)
-watch me grow capsules
-silly straws

Then I will also do a couple of reindeer games that I blatantly stole from my little sister from Christmas...who blatantly stole them from Minute to Win It. Beyond that there will be lots of cheers-ing and eating and overall gluttony. Hope you all have a happy new year. 

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