Friday, November 18, 2011

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat.

Sometimes that is all I can do.

I'll admit I have been struggling lately. We are in a big adjustment period as a family and it's been really hard on me. Sometimes it becomes glaringly obvious that I am NOT superwoman....and I can not do it alone. Sometimes I try to anyway and that is when I end up feeling like I do now.

-I am up twice a week at 3am to work, the rest I am up at 5 or 6am.
-Hottie and I have opposite days off so we are like ships passing in the night.
-Nakiah has two sports overlapping seasons right now.
-I have to squeeze physical therapy appointments in on my lunch breaks.
-I fly solo with three kids all weekend long, every weekend.
-My house is a disaster.
-Seriously. I don't know if I conveyed in that last sentence just how messy this place is.
-My tire went flat and it took us 3 days to find the time to fix it.
-My house is really messy.
-I am so stinkin' tired it's not even funny.
-I'm doing a horrible job of making time for friends and family.
-I've already missed runs on the training plan that I usually stick to so diligently.
-Weight loss has gone on the back burner.
-My car is really messy.
-Our place is so small that I don't even know where we will put a Christmas tree.
-My daughter is 2and1/2, shouldn't she be potty trained?
-I'm worried about Aidan's grades, everything counts towards college at this point.
-I am clinging to my sanity.
-When is the last time I cleaned the shower?
-Our dishwasher stopped working properly.
-I stepped in dog poo last weekend and it took me until today to take time to clean it off. Yuck.
-The list goes on and on

Phew! I feel a little better already just getting it all out there into cyber land. It was a rough week. There was not one moment to slow down. We are all entitled to feeling overwhelmed I guess. Especially as mothers and wives. We tend to take on a lot. I'm sure I am not alone in all of this. As women don't you have these moments (or days, or weeks) where you just have a running monologue of tasks, worries, stressors?

Now I am ready to weed out the issues I can't control and tackle the ones that I can. Prioritize. Most of all I am ready to ask for help. This house isn't going to clean itself, and I'm not going to do it alone either! 

Note to self, it's time to...

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