Friday, November 25, 2011


This morning at approx 12:01 am I joined all of the other loons out there in hunt of a good bargain. Hopefully lots of bargains. Enough bargains to make forfeiting much needed sleep worth it. Well let me just was bananas.
This is my, "it was bananas face." :) 
It's also my, "I'm surviving on 2.5 hours of sleep so I am in no mood face."

Target was my first stop.

I was after a particular gaming system. No go. Too crowded. I made one very gallant attempt to work my way towards the heart of the electronics dept. Then I ran screaming, "whyyyyyy meeeeeeee?!" While pulling my hair out. Not really, but I wanted to. After that brief but understandable surge of panic I got elbowed relentlessly into the toy area. I gotta say there were not a whole lot of great "deals" to be had in the way of toys. At least none of the ones I was after. I did manage to pick up one or two items, and only had to wait in line for a few minutes despite the crowd. Go me.

Then it was off to Kohl's. Awesome stuff there. I love that they expand their toy dept. I always get great gifts for my nieces and nephews there. Allllll of the clothes are on sale, AND they give you $15 for every $50 you spend. Next week I will go back and pick up a few more things with that mullah. The only real downside to shopping there is that I do this solo so I don't have someone to wait in line while I shop (which is what all of the smart people do). I end up taking twice as long. This morning I waited for about an hour to make my purchases. But it was worth it in the end because I saved $200.

Next up, the mall.

I took one look at Macy's and hit the road running. But Old Navy and Baby Gap were great. 40-60% off everything I bought.

Look at these cool photos I snapped of the Gap displays!
Now I'm inspired to wrap gifts and scrapbook with yarn! and bright colors!!

The Disney Store (Evareaux is in for an amazing Christmas) had some really great prices plus an extra 20% off store wide until 10am. Score.

I rounded out the morning my stopping by Best Buy (awesome video game and Blue Ray prices), and Toys R Us. Overall I would say that it was a pretty good morning....bargain wise. I found a lot of great deals which made it worth all of the effort. Other than Kohl's I really didn't even have to wait in long lines. In years past I've waited for 45+ minutes at every store I've gone to. I think the fact that some of the stores opened up a midnight or even the day before helped out with the crowds. However, I can't help but feel as if I might have missed out on some amazing finds because I couldn't be everywhere for every opening. I did feel like there weren't as many wonderful toy prices to be had. Maybe they sold out? I don't know. But overall it was a success and I only have a couple of family members left to purchase things for. Considering that I did not have ONE gift before today and I have a HUGE family, that is bananas.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure...I did happen to stop by Joann Fabrics (for 60% punches) and Michaels (for 70% holiday ribbon). Merry Christmas to me. :) Those gifts are going to look amazing.

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