Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Buncha Turkeys

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving... here in the states at least. :) I'm conflicted about how I feel about it. On one hand I am excited. I love cooking for the holidays (especially this one). I love making the table all pretty and watching the parade (even though Hottie says he'd rather watch football.. which is saying a lot because the dude never watches football.) I love making the most delicious desserts on planet earth. *pats self on back. I love stuffing myself while I look around at everyones satisfied faces. I love it all, but here's the thing...

this will be the first year since we've left our extended family to move to the other side of the country that we won't have visitors for Thanksgiving. and that's tough. Hottie works like a maniac this time of year and having a house full of guests makes me happy. It's not the same without it. So I'm a little bummed. A little less excited. A little less driven to make the perfect meal or care if the house is nice or any of that. So it's weird.. 3 years of company to care for and now it's just us. 

But that's life, right? It's what happens when you move away from family and your husband works in a grocery store. There's no chance to leave town for holidays. So we'll gobble down our tiny turkey, just the 5 of us. and I'll probably burn some stuff (cuz I am so not on top of things this year). but hey, on the up side, we'll probably have lots of leftovers!

Here's some layouts from last years celebration...

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone... or if you're outside of the US, have a really great Thursday!

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