Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi. Hello there. How are you? A whole week has gone by since I checked in. Gotta admit, Summer is kinda kicking my butt. I'm holding it all together *ok* (at least by my standards.. which means everyone is alive and semi-clothed and fed). It's a big adjustment having all the kids all day.. looking forward to settling into a semblance of a routine so I can figure out how to balance all of the things.. blogging included. I have plans to get back and do another confession post... I have lots to talk about, it's just a matter of finding uninterrupted time to talk write. (haha, like that's a thing that can actually happen) Until then, heres a page...


  1. LOVE this - The stripes and the colors - such COOL and fun dynamics for this layout!! I know what you mean about Summer kicking your butt - my kiddos have been out of school for a week but I feel like I am WEEKS and WEEKS behind on everything!! Hope you are happy and look forward to seeing you again soon!!

  2. Me likey!! the stripe paper is everything!! The black film strip really anchors the layout!