Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project Life: April 2015 (Part One)

It's Project Life sharing time, ya'll. Get with it! Here is two of the four spreads from April. I am posting them over two different days so I don't bore you out of your gourds... and also as an incentive for myself to remember to get my heinie over here to post again soon... and incentive for you to come back soon? We'll see how that goes...

So here are a whole bunch of photos of my personal project that you probably don't care about!..

Spring break week..

Just realized I wrote "may" on the tag instead of April. whoops. It's been quite a May, ya'll.

Ready for part two? I'll be back soon!

1 comment:

  1. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS!!! Love the way you add your own handwriting and just the sparkle every spot has - whether it is a great picture or a cutely put together spot!!