Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Here's another one of the layouts I created last week with my big box o'goodies (one of the four I was making at the same time)… isn't creativity strange? I don't know if it's like this for everyone, but mine goes in big spurts. I will create like mad for a couple of days at a time and then nada, nothing for like a week or more. Anyway, I cherish when I do have time to be creative… and I cherish the times we have with family, as well as the snapshots of these moments together… glad that the two can go hand in hand.

Something funny my husband passed along to me about being creative was a saying he found: "If you marry a creative person know that some days you'll come home to a spotless house and some days dinner will be forgotten, the kids will be in pj's and it will look like you were robbed. Find a way to appreciate both because the second will happen much more often than the first." --I'm lucky he doesn't cherish a clean house! --and also, in response I asked if normal people don't do this.. you know, forget to dress the kids and fuss over meals because some inspiration struck… he said back, "I don't know what normal people do, I married you!" What a lucky guy. ;)

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