Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

Here's Me...
Sometimes I feel the need to slow down and take a couple of shots of myself...after all, I do want to remember I was here.  I'm just the one behind the camera.
I made these....

Photos of me actually made it onto these layouts!
--I'm trying to be better about making that happen more often.

You can tell they are from awhile back because none of the products are recent.  I can tell because there is no journaling.  Why did I ever scrapbook without including journaling?  Who knows, I guess it just wasn't a priority at the time.  Now I wouldn't dream of it.  Capturing thoughts or memories with words is a huge piece of the scrapbook puzzle...
Here's another one...
 "My Daily Life is so Colorful" is the first layout I had ever created 100% about me.  I should do another more recent version of this.  Maybe every year? 
OH! I could do one for each member of the family. OH! Maybe a mini album?---
Isn't it great how looking at old layouts can inspire good ideas for new ones?  

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  1. I love your sassy photos! I love the tag LO too!